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Bike 2 Málaga (Andalucía, Spain)

Bike2Malaga – Already infected by the Malaga cycling virus?
If not, you should try one of our tours – we make sure you’ll finish the tour happy and satisfied. All that only happens because we aren’t just city guides, rather cyclists in love with a city.

Just like Malaga, we offer a great variety of culture in our team – it spreads from the Netherlands to Russia and from the United States over Morocco to Germany! We made sure that our whole team can offer the same as Malaga: cultural variety!

Even during the tours you’ll always see our guides smiling and being happy, it’s our dedication to bikes which keeps us smiling, especially when the Costa del Sol isn’t offering the promised sun!

But you can’t expect that being on the bike is the only great thing.
It’s the different tours variety of customers, which makes every tour unique.

Let’s assume you’re energetic and don’t care (that much) about history. You just want to go on a bike for some action and amazing sights in the hills, then we’ve got the perfect solution! Our Panorama Bike Tour offers exactly that, nothing less. Bits of culture, less talk and a lot more sweat – all that combined with prizeless views.

But what if you’d prefer to learn more about culture and experience foods and drinks, instead of all that history and just don’t want the exhausting rides through the hills? Then our Tapas and Wine Tour will please you with what Andalusia is famous for: food! If you’d like to book by night, we’ll even be able to get you in some more atmospheric place, where you might see even some Flamenco and Spanish Guitar!

For all the others – especially the undecided ones – we’re offering some great City Bike Tour. Of course customized to your needs and preferences.
Just tell our guides, what you like and they’ll do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

Well, we still don’t know how to take off and fly a bike. So don’t be disappointed about that.

Sierra de las Nieves, an unespoilt natural park in Malaga

Sierra de las Nieves, a natural park in the province of Malaga

Sierra de las Nieves is an unique and unspoilt natural paradise lying in the central part of the province of Málaga. It forms a mountainous fringe that marks off the nearby western Costa del Sol. The nine main towns of the district are Alozaina, Casarabonela, El Burgo, Guaro, Istán, Monda, Ojén, Tolox and Yunquera. These villages share a common natural, cultural and architectural heritage.

El mayor pinsapar de europa, fir trees

The district borders Costa del Sol, the Guadalhorce river valley (Valle del Guadalhorce), the Ronda Hills (Serranía de Ronda) and the district of Guadalteba, making it a strategic location well served by public transport.

In this rural and hilly district mankind still lives in perfect balance with nature. The nine main towns of Sierra de las Nieves are all knitted together by the whimsical twists and turns of the Sierra and still retain the rich tapestry of styles and cultures that have peopled this land.

In the heart of the district lies the Parque Natural (nature park) which boasts one of the world’s biggest Spanish fir woods, spanning over 3 000 hectares. The reserve also has one of Andalusia’s biggest populations of mountain goat. Together with the roe Deer, these are the park’s two native species of hooved mammalse.

The park with no paved roads is a watershed area between Atlantic and Mediterranean landscape and climate, with its own original and varied flora and was listed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1995.

The area was studied in the 19th century by Swiss botanist Edmond Boissier and
in 1933 by Spanish botanist Luis Ceballos.

Edmond Boissier is considered to be the father of the Andalucian botanical. He came to Spain looking for new spices and dedicated most of his work to the fir tree (pinsapo).

Geologically, this region boasts the world’s biggest peridodite massif, a gigantic primary-era batholith with serpentine outcrops. All this explains the mineral richness of the spa water in thermal baths.

The district is a place for adventurous leisure pursuits such as horse riding, canyoning, canoeing and kayaking, eco-routes in off-road vehicles, balloon trips, trekking and hiking.


There is a number of possible walks within Sierra de las Nievas. For more information:






¡Vámonos de tapas, vámonos!. Hoy a Saint Tropez (Benalmadena)

Aunque el tiempo de sol ya se nos está yendo, podemos hacer un paréntesis para dedicar un comentario

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La Marea

Sentada en la mecedora, contemplaba el horizonte enrojecido por un sol inmenso que desapareció de re

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