Malaga and Tangier agree to establish a cooperative business

        A municipal and business delegation, headed by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, yesterday visited Tangier to promote commercial relations between the city of Malaga and the Moroccan city and get to know the infrastructure projects being made in the area, because in the last decade has seen a transformation in terms of infrastructure that has enabled it to consolidate as the country’s economic locomotive.
The meeting was attended by a total of 15 entrepreneurs from companies Prima Rent a Car, Acerca, Ingenia, Cemosa, Contrat, Telco Instalaciones, Dicroled, Sando, Sando Althenia, Todo Construcción, Santa Clara Beach, Sasma, Smassa, Vera and the cluster Malaga Intereconomía Marroc companies located in Tangier and containing a number of companies in the construction sector.

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